Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk

Nick Warfield - Nunguu Stance
Nick Warfield – Nunguu Stance

I 💚 Nature, Brunswick Heads, art and walking. So this weekend all my favourite things are combined into one awesome event – The Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk. This is only the second time the event has been held and just seems to be getting better and better.

The ‘Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk’ invites nationally recognised artists to present works from that involve nature, celebrating it, using it or highlighting issues and they don’t disappoint. 

One of my favourite things to do is to walk around the Brunswick foreshore with my mates, trying to guess what the work is called (without looking at the label), sometimes we are right on point, sometimes we say “oh yeah!” and sometimes we say”what??” but that’s ok, that’s what art is supposed to do.

Some of my favourite pieces were:

Now you see me – Adrienne Hmelnitsky

Now you see me

by  Adrienne Hmelnitsky.

This provocative work highlights the threat to our native wildlife by feral foxes and cats. This work uses silhouettes of potoroos made of mirrored stainless steel and  plywood and covers them in the fur of feral cats and foxes.

I found this very moving and in fact made it my choice in the peoples choice.

Dingo- NIck Warfield


By Nick Warefield

Nick has used salvaged car plastics and copper to create the wonderful work. The pieces are put together in a way that look like the muscles of the beautiful creature.

Nick asks us to lock eyes with a dingo to recongnise and ancient friend.

Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk
Fever of Rays – Sam Collyer

Fever of Rays

by Sam Collyer

The first time I saw these, I thought they were real. A set of 3 rays that at low tide are exposed on the sand. Sam says that stingrays are over 100 million old. To see them glide and be free through the sea, over shallows of sandy beaches.

They are made of clay and natural pigments.

Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk
Our Mob – John Walters

The Mob

by John Walters

These wallabies were amazing with their life like stances and behaviours. Made of chicken wire they were set in a natural area. John says “I have create a mob of wallabies and returned them to their former habitat which has been changed forever.

This one is a popular favourite.

Uncommon Planigale by Joanne Mott
Uncommon Planigale by Joanne Mott

Uncommon Planigale

by Joanne Mott

This was a work within a work from last time (Simpsons Sofa). This time the artist has created some common Planigale (Planigale maculata)

The work is intended to highlight the plight of this tiny Dasyurid by projecting a new cultural layer into Brunswick Heads.

Brunswick Nature Sculpture Walk
Pandanas Seed People – Antone Bruinsma

 Pandanas Seed People

By Antone Bruinsma

This was the overall winner, an impressive carving of sandstone in the shape of the pandandas seed with wonderful faces carved in.

It kind of sneaks up on you as you walk around it at first trying to work out what it was, all the time placed next to an obvious hint – an pandanas tree.

Carpet Python By Nature

Carpet Python

By nature

Not to be out done by silly humans, nature also displayed some amazing work (as usual). But my favourite was this Carpet Python (Morelia spilota), sunning itself on a rock by Torakina beach.

There were in fact two snakes on the rock, but one didn’t like all the attention and moved away.

People can engage with a range of sculptures and participate in art and environment workshops, guided tours and information from local environment groups such as Byron Bird Buddies, Landcare and Dune Care specialists.


Friday 28th September

  • View over 50 Sculptural Installations
  • Labyrinth Walk in Venture Park
  • 10.00am School Tours Start @ Sound Shell
  • 10.00am -1.00pm​​ WORKSHOPS
    • Wendy Johnson  – Random weave @ Terrace Park
    • Steve Machell – ‘Sandcastles’ @ Torakina Beach
    • Joanne Mott – ‘Simpsons Sofa’ @ South Beach Park
  • 10.00am Masterclass with Shona Wilson – ‘Collaborate with Nature’ ​
  • 6.00pm OPENING @ The Brunswick Picture House
  • 8.00pm get your housemates tickets to the ‘Cheeky Cabaret’

Saturday 29th September

  •     View over 50 Sculptural Installations
  •     ​​9.30am Labyrinth Walk Ceremony in Venture Park
  •     11.00am & 3.00pm Guided Walks -Sound Shell, Terrace Park​
  •     11.00am Masterclass with Lynne Adams @ Tweed Regional Gallery
  •     2.00 – 3.30pm Photography in the landscape ‘Masterclass’ with Carla Gottgens
  •     10.00am – 1.00pm​ WORKSHOPS
    •     Anaheke Metua – ‘Nests’ @Terrace Park
    •     Mirra – Winni Gaze  – Weaving @ Torakina Park
    •     Byron Bird Buddies – ‘Birds’ @ South Beach Park
  •     2.00pm Visual Performance  – by Alison Allcock @ Surf Club Tower
  •     MUSIC IN THE SHELL – ‘DARK BROTHERS’ @ 11.45pm                                          ‘ATMOSPHERICS’ @ 1.00-3pm

Sunday 30th September

  •     View over 50 Sculptural Installations
  •     7.30 – 8.30am​ Family Yoga with Kristie Leclere @ Torakina Park
  •     11.00am & 3.00pm Guided Walks Start @ Sound Shell, Terrace Park
  •     11.00am Masterclass with Marion Gaemers & Lynnette Griffiths @ Tweed Regional Gallery
  •     10.00 – 1.00pm  WORKSHOPS
    •     Anaheke Metua – ‘Nests’ @Terrace Park
    •     ​Byron Bird Buddies – ‘Birds’ @ South Beach Park ​
  •     2.00 – 3.00pm ​Artists in Conversation @ Sound Shell​
  •     4.00pm and 4.20pm Performance @ Terrace Park & Venture Park ​
  •     MUSIC IN THE SHELL – ‘DONI RAVEN’ @ 12.30pm                                                     ‘LUKE ‘ @ 3.00 – 4pm

Monday 1st October

  •     View over 50 Sculptural Installations
  •     Labyrinth Walk in Venture Park
  •     8.00am Byron Bird Buddies Tour Start @ Sound Shell, Terrace Park
  •     11.00am & 3.00pm Guided Walks  Start @ Sound Shell, Terrace Park​
  •     10.00 – 1.00pm  WORKSHOPS
    •     Mirra- Winni Gaze – Spinefex weaving @ Torakina Park​
    •     Zimmi Forest  – working with natural fibres @ Venture Park
    •     Lantern Making @ Housie Shed,​ Banner Park​
  •     2.00 – 3.00pm Artists in Conversation @ Sound Shell, Terrace Park

Tuesday 2nd October

  •     View over 50 Sculptural Installations ​
  •     Lantern Making @ Housie Shed,​ Banner Park​
  •     Labyrinth Walk in Venture Park
  •     ​5.45pm Lantern Walk​ meet @ Sound Shell
  •     6.40pm Fire Sculpture @ Torakina Beach
  •     7.00pm Awards Celebration @ ‘The Hotel Brunswick’

There is something for everyone, so get on down to Brunswick Heads on the October long weekend and check it out.

For more info


Enjoy nature

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