Finding platypus

Top tips for finding platypus in the wild

Platypus in the wild

G’day, I love seeing platypus in the wild, they are really cute but it is sometimes challenging to find them.  Here some of my top tips:

    1. Find out where they live

      This might seem quite obvious, but they don’t live everywhere. They used to be quite a lots of creeks in eastern Australia and Tassie but due to human encroachment and their incredible shyness  they can be hard to spot. They like still water and steep banks (where they burrow during the day). I’ve seen them in quite a few creeks around the Northern Rivers of NSW (Tucki Tucki Creek, Byron Creek -Bangalow, Tweed River – Uki) and the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns (Yungaburra).


    2. Go at the right time of day

      Some animals are nocturnal (active at night), some are diurnal (active during the day) and others like platypus are crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk). It is best to look about an hour before sunset and about an hour after sunrise.

    3. Look for circles and bubbles

      Platypus bubbles and circles

      Platypus only hold their breath for about 2 minutes, so if they’re, swimming in the creek you are looking at you should see them. The key this to look for is deep concentric circles and then some bubbles will appear in the bulls eye on the circle.

    4. Be super quiet

      Platypus are super shy,  so don’t shout out “there’s one”, when you see one. I find having signals like clicks and pointing are a good idea when looking for platypus with others.

    5. Be patient

      You may not see platypus the first time you go to look for them (I didn’t)  or you may have to work really hard to see them, but it is really worth it.

    6. Go with a guide

      If you are in platypus country you’ll probably a local guide will be able to take you to see them. In the Northern Rivers Vision Walks -Eco Tours run local platypus walk – where people usually see platypus – if you don’t you can again for free.

Please share your favourite  Platypus sightings.

Enjoy your journey


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