Byron Wetlands

G’day, we had a few walks yesterday morning around some of the Byron Bay Wetlands.

Cumbebin Wetlands

First we went for a walk at the Cumbebin Swamp. A beautiful board walk through Melaleuca forest. The board walk is not long (about 300m), but you really get a immersive  wetland experience and a really appreciate the conditions the people worked in to build the wonderful board walk.

You can access the board walk behind the Butler St Reserve. Park near the corner of Somerset and Wordsworth Streets.

Arakwal National Park 

Secondly we went for a walk through Arakwal National Park. The path goes past the water treatment area an opens up onto a tea tree lake and Wallum. The path is quite busy and a favourite of local dog walkers, but has plenty of bird life.

You can access the track on Bangalow Rd, about 200m on the left past Byron Bay High School.

There are plenty of other wetlands and tea tree lakes in and near Byron Bay, these are just two of them. Enjoy your journey.

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