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G’day nature lovers (and fresh local food lovers)

Barefoot Farm
Barefoot Farm

As lover of fresh local foods, I couldn’t resist attending the Sample Food Festival today in Bangalow. And in doing so inadvertently discovered the best way to “do” a food festival. It was $5pp entry fee which included parking, which in my view was a bit of a bargain. Sample plates were mostly $5 or $10, which gave you a good taste of what that stall had to offer. When we arrived we immediately set out on our recky walk, there is so much nice tasty food on offer, only a rooky would buy the first thing they saw. Personally, I was trying for the $5 plates, becasue let’s face it I’m a bit cheap, but also I wanted to taste lots of local produce and not fill up all on one plate.

Brookies Gin
Brookies Gin

We bumped into some fellow locals and asked them what they liked, they gave us some good advice. Then we came across the Brook Farm stall, sampling their new gin “Brookies”, being quite partial to a G&T, I tried the Davidson Plum “slow” gin with strawberries and mint. Yummo.

Funny how I had trouble choosing what to eat, but had no problem choosing something to drink.


Fish taco from Fish Mongers
Fish taco from Fish Mongers

Walking around with gin in hand, visiting more stalls, it was starting to go to my head, I had better get serious about finding some food. Most of the stalls had lines and others were starting to sell out – I had better get a move on. I found myself at the Fish Mongers  stall, they had a $5 fish taco, the line was not too long and seemed to be moving. Within a few minutes I was in possession of a fish taco in one hand and a gin in the other. The  tables and chairs seemed to be mostly occupied, I tried in vain to balance the taco and gin and almost dropped them, this was not going to end well unless I could find a table or a chair. I then noticed a hay bail, pulled it up and then managed to eat my fish taco and finish the gin.

Pecan tart from Barefoot Farm
Pecan tart from Barefoot Farm

The gin was still going to my head a bit, I needed something else to eat. Barefoot Farm had nice pecan tarts with blueberries – locally produced, local pecans, blueberries, GF, DF, vegan, paleo. I’ve got to say it was delicious, and it was having its desired effect of abating the influences on the gin.

We walked around a few more of the stalls, tasting a few more tasty samples, then headed home.

On the way home I realised, that  I’d inadvertently discovered the best way to experience a food festival. Do a recky, have a drink of alcohol, then keep sampling yummy food until the effects of the alcohol have abated, then repeat if necessary. You’re welcome.

Enjoy your journey (and your fresh local food, and gin)


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